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Facing Uganda's marginalized people

I have been working on racism all my life, so naturally I was also curious to see examples of black racism. In most countries, where I have worked, blacks are minorities and thus without the social power needed to hurt the natural opportunities for development of others.
Tribalism and affluent urban racism towards peasants are of course rampant in the Third World, but in Uganda I was invited to work with 4 landless groups who seem totally pushed outside of even the country's peasant economy.
As always people develop racism towards such "losers" and it was interesting to hear Bantu-speaking Africans speaking about them - especially the Pygmies - almost in the same words I so often have heard white Americans and South Africans speaking of blacks - blaming the victim and constantly trying to find wrongs with them all racists do.
But take a moment to listen to the stories behind their sad reality and see how we too - as affluent tourists from the rich world - have a deep impact on their lives. I hope my photos of their warmth and beauty in the midst of frequent pain and low self esteem will motivate you to give them support through the mentioned organizations.

Banyabindi-051 Banyabutumbi-231 Basongora-316 Batwa-Byumba-36
The Banyabindis The Banyabutumbis The Basongoras The Batwa Pygmies

Extra pictures for and about the concerned people
who are working with these endangered minorities:

Batwa-hospital-007 Batwa-party-132 Care-009 Uganda-scenery-019
A few scenes of the enormous work
Dr. Scott Kellerman
carries out in his hospital for the Pygmies
A Pygmy festival in honor of Diane Stanton and her Texas friends who have financed much of the hospital A few scenes from the work Care is involved in with these groups through local partners A few scenes of Uganda's beautiful scenery - mostly shot from my car since I would rather spend time with people

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