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"Children of the Incas"

Flirting with my Aymara friend Maria 

This page is still under construction. Here is a little selection of my newest Bolivia pictures from 1999.

Aymara fisher women sorting the night's catch at sunrise at lake Titicaca

In a village near lake Titicaca I lived with the Aymara Indians and slowly gained their trust. They are usually extremely hostile to outsiders.  

Family at lake Titicaca

With a local CARE-leader I went on sick visits in many homes and discovered the pain hidden behind the Aymaras seemingly indomitable facade. This woman sat waiting to die from cancer, but refused to go to a doctor. Instead she laid healing herbs over her lips. 

Aymara woman dying from cancer

In the home of this woman one of the children laid seriously sick, but she too refused to go to a doctor - one of the reasons Danish Church Aid's huge hospital on the Altiplano is failing for lack of patients.

Aymara woman with sick children

Aymara woman belonging to a CARE village on the Altiplano with her winter frozen potatoes. 

Woman with potatoes

It was an indescribable experience to walk with these women on our way to a CARE-meeting one evening on the Altiplano.

Aymara women on the Altiplano

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