Daniel and Lalou Holdt's kinship with:

English and Irish royalty

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Name Birth date Relationship with Daniel and Lalou
King of England, Aethelred 1. Abt. 875 37th great-grandfather
King of England, Aethelwulf 806 38th great-grandfather
King of England, Alfred   33rd great-grandfather
King of England, Eduard   32nd great-grandfather
King of England, Egbert 775 39th great-grandfather
King of England, Ella Abt. 758 34th great-grandfather
King of England, Harold II Godwinsson Abt. 1022 29th great-grandfather
King of Ireland, Ingjald "the White" Helgasson Abt. 820 35th great-grandfather
King of Ireland, Kiarval MacDunghal Abt. 900 31st great-grandfather
King of Ireland, Kjarval Abt. 794 35th great-grandfather
King of Ireland, Olof "the White" Ingjaldsson Abt. 840 34th great-grandfather
King of Kent, Eahlmund (Elmund) 758 40th great-grandfather
King of the West Saxons, Ceawlin Abt. 510 47th great-grandfather
King of the West Saxons, Cedric Abt. 450 49th great-grandfather
King of the West Saxons, Cynric Abt. 480 48th great-grandfather
Princess of England, Gyda Haraldsdatter Abt. 1053 28th great-grandmother
Princess of England, Heluna (Bleja) Abt. 784 33rd great-grandmother
Princess of Ireland, Audna Kjarvalsdatter Abt. 928 30th great-grandmother
Queen of England, Eadgyth Swanneshalls Abt. 1025 29th great-grandmother
Queen of England, Edgina   32nd great-grandmother
Queen of England, Ethelbirth   33rd great-grandmother
Queen of England, Osburh Abt. 810 38th great-grandmother
Queen of England, Raedburh Bef. 775 39th great-grandmother
Queen of Kent, Berthe (Blithildis) Abt. 541 44th great-grandmother
Queen of Ireland, Aud "Deep Minded" Ketilsdatter Abt. 834 34th great-grandmother

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