Daniel and Lalou Holdt's kinship with:

Citizens of Roman empire

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Name Birth date Relationship with Daniel and Lalou
Antonia Minor 36 BC 69th great-grandmother
Appius Claudius Nero   71st great-grandfather
Atia Balbus   72nd great-grandmother
Aurelia (Cornelia)   74th great-grandmother
Caius Julius Caesar (1)   76th great-grandfather
Caius Julius Caesar (2)   75th great-grandfather
Caius Julius Caesar (3)   74th great-grandfather
Caius Octavius   75th great-grandfather
Caius Octavius Citizen   73rd great-grandfather
Caius Octavius Senator   72nd great-grandfather
Caius Octavius Tribune   74th great-grandfather
Caius Octavius Augustus (Emperor) 23. Sep 63 BC 71st great-grandfather
Enus Octavius Rufus   76th great-grandfather
Germanicus Caesar 15 BC 69th great-grandfather
Iulus of Troja Abt. 1190 BC  
Julia   71st great-grandmother
Julia Agrippa Minor   68th great-grandmother
Julia Caesar   73rd great-grandmother
Julia Major 39 BC 70th great-grandmother
Livia Drusilla Abt. 58 BC 70th great-grandmother
Lucius Julius Caesar   78th great-grandfather
Lucius Julius Caesar II   73rd great-grandfather
Lucius Julius Caesar III   72nd great-grandfather
Marcia   75th great-grandmother
Marcus Antonius (Oratoren) 143 BC 72nd great-grandfather
Marcus Antonius Crecitus   71st great-grandfather
Marcus Antonius Triumvir 83 BC 70th great-grandfather
Marcus Atius Balbus   73rd great-grandfather
Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa 63 BC 70th great-grandfather
Nero Claudius Germanicus Drusus 38 BC 69th great-grandfather
Numerius Julius Caesar   79th great-grandfather
Octavia Minor 69 BC 70th great-grandmother
Quintus Marcus Rex   76th great-grandfather
Rutelia   75rd great-grandmother
Scribonia   71st great-grandmother
Sextus Julius Caesar   77th great-grandfather
Sextus Julius Caesar II   74th great-grandfather
Tiberius Claudius Nero   72nd great-grandfather
Tiberius Claudius Nero   70th great-grandfather
Tiberius Claudius (I) Nero (Emperor) 9 BC 68th great-grandfather
Vipsania Agrippina (I) Major 13 BC 69th great-grandmother

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