Daniel and Lalou Holdt's kinship with:

Norwegian Royalty

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Name Birth date Relationship with Daniel and Lalou
King of Norway, Gandolf Alfgeirsson Abt. 710 41st great-grandfather
King of Norway, Gudrod Halfdansson Abt. 790 33rd great-grandfather
King of Norway, Harald I Hårfager Halfdansson Abt. 850 31st great-grandfather
King of Norway, Harald III "Hårdråde" Abt. 1015 27th great-grandfather
King of Norway, Harald IV "Gille" Magnusson Abt. 1094 24th great-grandfather
King of Norway, Magnus III (Den barfodede) Abt. 1073 25th great-grandfather
King of Norway, Olaf III (Den stille) Abt. 1050 26th great-grandfather
Prince of Norway, Sigurd "Rise" Haraldsson Abt. 912 30th great-grandfather
Princess of Norway, Ingeborg Haraldsdatter Abt. 870 31st great-grandmother
Queen of Norway, Brigida Haraldsdatter Abt. 1130 23rd great-grandmother
Queen of Norway, Thora Ragnvaldsdatter Abt. 1030 26th great-grandmother
Queen of Norway, Thyra Haraldsdatter Abt. 947 30th great-grandmother

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