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After Agee
A comparison with
Let Us Now Praise Famous Men by Agee
After Agee in "Aperture" by J. Ronald Green

Alec Soth - Magnum photographer with a world wide following of his YouTube reviews of photo books - on how he for years hesitated to even look at my book as art, but in 2022 was totally won over by it:
Alec Soth on YouTube: On Saying Yes (to Jacob Holdt)

A Note on Poor Cinema
The deepest illustrated review of both the film, slideshow and book ! ! !
Critical attractions in Jacob Holdt’s American Pictures by J. Ronald Green

The dream and the dark side
"Danish photographer Jacob Holdt traveled the country in the 1970s.
His pictures shocked the world and show us today how deeply rooted the division is in American society"
24 pages in

Geo Magazine in Germany, November 2022 



A hippie apostle among racists

In the 70’s Jacob Holdt toured the US associating with the poorest among the blacks and toughest of white supremacy. With photos from that journey, he is teaching today what he learned then: “Racism? Is a disease”
La Republicca, Il Venerdi, Italy  September 21st, 2022

One Photographer's Look at Social Dislocation
After my exhibition in Braunschweig
Review in Der Spiegel, February 16th, 2010

A review especially on the photos in the book
How Jacob Holdt's American Pictures works 

Graffiti artist Dash Snow often said he was inspired by my photos. After his death his wife Jade Berreau and actress Joy Bryant made a long interview with me in Jade's house in Brooklyn.
Interview in "Let's Panic magazine"

What he shares with Goldin is an absolute lack of distance or inhibition between photographer and subjects. In Goldin’s The Ballad of Sexual Dependency (which, like Holdt’s American Pictures, enjoyed it’s first incarnation as a slide show) we get an hermetic account of a community with a fairly fixed cast of characters within a city at a particular historical moment. The same is true of the grey rush of Larry Clark’s Tulsa (1971). With Goldin it’s transgressives, bohemians, and druggies on the Lower East Side; with Clark it’s teenage speed freaks shooting up in Oklahoma. Holdt’s project is inherently less circumscribed. His readiness to go along with whatever happens and to get along with whoever he happens to run into makes for a sprawling odyssey of serial intimacies and random proximity.
Geoff Dyer for Holdt's exhibition in MoMa Louisiana


Interview for Deutsche Börse Photography price


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