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Jacob's 60 year birthday party

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Pictures from my party June 2nd 2007

Most of these pictures I have not taken myself. They have been sent to me by friends who were at the party. (Please send your own if you more good pictures). I have only censured a few "bad" ones out from this selection since some of you might want to order copies of a particular photo. Leaf through all 15 pages or follow the guidance below:

Page 1: Welcome reception with drinks   and    Guest of honor: 94 year old Charles Godfrey from Canada

Page 3: Jacobs welcome speech and slide presentation of old friends

Page 4: Speeches by old friends Per Kofod, Pia Tafdrup, Marius Ibsen and Tony Harris

Page 5: Speeches by Eva Rostrup Bøyesen, Lone Hertz, Vallerie Saunders, Abdul Wahib Petersen,
Sherin Khankan, Marie Tetzlaff, Howie Pinderhughes, Jerry Justice and Britta Lillesøe

Page 6: Dance by Roya Hoffmeyer and speeches by Christina Sun, Ole Holst Pedersen

Page 8: The guests at dinner tables

Page 11: The dance into the late morning

See the same chapters and live speeches on video here   ....in Danish here

See the pictures from the opening of my exhibition the day before

See pictures from the parties in days after

birthdayparty-001 birthdayparty-002 birthdayparty-003 birthdayparty-004
birthdayparty-001.jpg birthdayparty-002.jpg birthdayparty-003.jpg birthdayparty-004.jpg
birthdayparty-005 birthdayparty-006 birthdayparty-007 birthdayparty-008
birthdayparty-005.jpg birthdayparty-006.jpg birthdayparty-007.jpg birthdayparty-008.jpg
birthdayparty-009 birthdayparty-010 birthdayparty-011 birthdayparty-012
birthdayparty-009.jpg birthdayparty-010.jpg birthdayparty-011.jpg birthdayparty-012.jpg
birthdayparty-013 birthdayparty-014 birthdayparty-015 birthdayparty-016
birthdayparty-013.jpg birthdayparty-014.jpg birthdayparty-015.jpg birthdayparty-016.jpg
birthdayparty-017 birthdayparty-018 birthdayparty-019 birthdayparty-020
birthdayparty-017.jpg birthdayparty-018.jpg birthdayparty-019.jpg birthdayparty-020.jpg
birthdayparty-021 birthdayparty-022 birthdayparty-023 birthdayparty-024
birthdayparty-021.jpg birthdayparty-022.jpg birthdayparty-023.jpg birthdayparty-024.jpg
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