Daniel and Lalou Holdt's kinship with:

Royalty and Gods in Roman and Greek mythology

(such as historical citizens claimed to descent from them)

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Name Birth date Relationship with Daniel and Lalou
God of Greek mythology, Zeus   94th great-grandfather
God of Roman mythology, Mars   82nd great-grandfather
King of Alba Longa in Latium, Numitor   83rd great-grandfather
King of Alba Longa in Latium, Proca   84th great-grandfather
King of Rome, Romulus   81st great-grandfather
King of Troja (Ilium), Tros   91st great-grandfather
King of Troy, Ilus   90th great-granduncle
King of Troy, Laomedon   1st cousin 91 times removed
of Greek mythology, Astyoche   92nd great-grandmother
of Greek mythology, Electra   94th great-grandmother
of Roman (Greek) mythology, Venus (Aphrodite)   88th great-grandmother
of Roman mythology, Remus   81st great-granduncle
of Roman mythology, Rhea Silvia (Ilia)   82nd great-grandmother
of the Iliad, Hector   3rd cousin 89 times removed
of the Iliad, Paris   3rd cousin 89 times removed
of Troja, Aeneas   87th great-grandfather
of Troja, Anchises   88th great-grandfather
of Troja, Capys   89th great-grandfather
of Troy, Iulus (Ascanius)   86th great-grandfather
Princess of Troy, Batia   93rd great-grandmother
A rivernymph, Callirrhoe   91st great-grandmother
A Titan, Atlas   95th great-grandfather
A Titan, Iapetus   96th great-grandfather

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