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This page has been updated August 2003:

The book is now sold out and probably will not be reprinted again since I cannot find the 45,000 dollars it will cost. In order to let the homeless and people actually photographed in the book sell it themselves on the street, it was always sold too cheap in America to make enough money for reprints. 

Instead I will soon make it available online here on the website and work on an updated version which - like the new multimedia-show - takes into account the explosive growth of racism we are now seeing around the world. Since I lost too much money on publishing the old book myself, the new one will be offered to a major American publisher.  

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I regret that the book is no longer available for the many schools using it in their curriculum. Therefore, if you should happen to know of any grants which could help finance a reprint, please let me know. 

More urgently I am looking for 15,000 dollars to help finance the digitalization of the 3000 slides in order to make interactive educational DVD's and to put the actual mobile multimedia show into video as I - after having spent 25 years on the American highways in a van - am getting too old to continue carrying a ton of equipment with me everywhere. It would be far easier hopping on the planes and run the show from a laptop computer.  

With love

Jacob Holdt 

No doubt that it has sold hundreds of thousand fewer copies in the United States than it would have with a major publisher.  Aperture     



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