IN THE USA AND CANADA (per 4.30.97).

Note, does not include the last 11 years. I stopped touring the USA in 2008:

Note: Since American universities (unlike most of Europe) divide students according to academic performance and ability to pay, reactions to American Pictures vary somewhat along class lines.
Therefore the schools are here listed as in Barron's Profiles of American Colleges.
In "Most competitive schools" 90% of the students tend to stay to the end of the 4-5 hour show whereas in "Lesser competitive schools" only 60% will be left at the end.
The turnout for the event vary according to how well the organizers have postered campus, the size of campus etc.


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Type of school: Total schools Total shows Total viewers
Most competitive schools: 27 schools  145 shows  54.050 viewers 
Highly Competitive schools: 39 schools  119 shows  58.550 viewers
Very competitive schools:  79 schools  160 shows 66.820 viewers 
Competitive schools: 112 schools  157 shows  61.550 viewers
Less competitive and special schools: 311 schools 643 shows 261.500 viewers
High schools: 21 schools 28 shows 10.200 viewers
Churches, cinemas and others: 31 places 134 shows  
Total USA: 361 places  1003 shows 270.000 viewers!

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