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PAGE 10: Jacob Holdt, personal photos

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Naughty children in Harlem Hitchhiking in South Carolina Homeless outside bank in New York With dirt eating children in Mississippi

JH in Harlem


Lee and bank

JH and children

The American Pictures collective 1976-83   With assassinated prison leader  

The American Pictures
collective 1976-83





Ku Klux Klan and American Pictures

Jacob Holdt: My family

Jacob Holdt with show equipment

Jacob with the bishop of Copenhagen

Klan resistance

Jacob's family

Jacob with show

Jacob with the bishop


Jacob Holdt hitchhiking

Jacob Holdt in Vermont

Jacob Holdt: Looking out the window

Jacob Holdt by Rigmor Mydtskov 

Jacob hitchhiking

Jacob H in Vermont

Jacob H as Rasputin

Jacob by Mydtskov


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