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Just as the show must never become a show in itself, oppression should not be left untreated. Since enormous emotions are created in the audience a discharge or healing process is important afterwards. In the racism workshop next day on campus an explosive dialogue usually erupts in which the participants openly express their own racism or - often for the first time - begin to understand it and its early roots in childhood. 

Jacob Holdt is drawing on his experiences from other segregated or ex-slave societies to help students see their situation in a larger context. For schools that can afford it it is also recommended within a week to follow up with American experts in the field such as Tony Harris. 

"After six and a half hours I did not want for this enlightment to end. The only painful feeling I had was that of hunger. I learned something more valuable on that day than I could have learned in four years of college courses. In essence, I learned how to be human." 
From a student's detailed description of Tony Harris' workshop 

More photos from the work of Tony Harris

Jacob Holdt after workshop in Vermont

"The workshop you held today affected me in so many ways I don't know where or how to begin. It's not a question of how much or how little, or if you can exempt yourself from some of the guilt by comparing yourself to a "true bigot". 
Your workshop deepened my understanding of this and impressed upon me how important it is to continually confront ourselves with our racism without fear of admitting to it or of actively changing our views." 

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'Not a single day has passed without American Pictures oppressing my outlook'   The Daily Illini, U of Illinois


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