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Jacob Holdt never wanted to return to Europe with the show, but after the end of the cold war - and confronted with the sudden explosion of blatant racism, ethnicism, anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim feelings now in Europe - he decided in 1994 to make a new international edition. 

New international edition 
It now deals with the deeper root causes of the oppressions which exist in all societies. He still uses the pictures from the American black/white oppression as illustration since many of the basic ingredients of all oppressions are here so easily visible. 

Oppression: prison love in Georgia

25 years of oppression 
One fourth of the photos are now from the 1990's in order to reflect the worsening racial relationship. Since Jacob Holdt has continually re-visited his old friends one of the most moving and disheartening aspects of the new show consist of following the same families from the years of hope to the years of despair. Many are seen first as children and later in the show as adults - and frightfully often later as dead! 
No other documentary has so forcefully dealt with oppression over a period of a quarter of a century! 

Oppression: heroin addict in Harlem

A valuable tool for racial change  
Instead of having his own organization present the show in various countries, Jacob Holdt now offers it to concerned government and NGO organizations involved in the struggle against racism and ethnicism. 

The Norwegian government's Immigrant department is already successfully using the show in the Norwegian school system. The show is also presently being translated into German in the hope that German organizations will be interested. 

Future plans include making it available as videos and interactive DVD's.
Any qualified help and financial support will be appreciated! 

With deeper patterns of oppression seemingly exploding all over the world these years Jacob Holdt hopes that the show can make a small educational difference. 


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