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Since I hitchhiked in the USA for 5 years without money I had to have some sponsors in order to buy film. The movie "American Pictures" - presented in the Cannes and other Film Festivals - lists only the following sponsors in the credits:

"American Pictures would like to thank the following sponsors for helping to make this movie possible:

Tommy Howard - for lending me his car and donating several tanks of gas so I could explore the back roads of North Carolina.

Allan Tunick - for donating 35 rolls of film for my photography after picking me up hitchhiking.

Susan Kennedy - for donating 30 dollars to my photography

Alice Turak - for donating 10 dollars to my photography

Eveleen Henry - for storing my slides for 2 years in Washington DC and receiving them in the mail from the mail order film processing companies.

Marlene Sockol - for storing my slides for 1 year in New York when I had to move them from DC."

Although I only list these 6 people in the movie credits I would like to point out that many others gave smaller amounts - often 2 - 5 dollars, a lunch bag or a meal - not to speak of their hospitality.  These smaller amounts were invaluable since they sometimes enabled me to skip one of the two days each week I had to spend in the blood banks selling blood. Since these blood banks were only located in big cities I had to spend very much time hitchhiking back and forth from the rural areas in order to make 5 dollars each time. So even small donations were extremely important for me in order to save time and buy the 2 rolls of film I usually needed per week.

Of the sponsors mentioned above I have lost touch with Susan Kennedy - a member of the J.F.K family in Boston. If you - the reader - has any information about them I would be glad to hear from you.  

Sincerely Jacob Holdt



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