My own overview of the exhibition in

Museum of Modern Art Louisiana

"Faith, hope and love"

1. All the pictures classified after topics and rooms

Some pictures are missing here. I will later make a better presentation.

2. Longer descriptions of the pictures

The texts that are also on the sound files.

3. A movie about what later happened to the people

I am relating (in Danish) what later happened to my friends,
whom I photographed in the 70'es and have followed for 30-40 years.
It is a fairly violent story ending with my thoughts on how you
(as an outsider) can survive the violence.
Wait a little minute for the movie to load from the darkness. 57 min.


4. TV: The movie "Holdt! - On the road to my self"

The movie shows my relationship to the people I photographed.
Produced by Copenhagen Film.

4. Download the sound files here

So far only in Danish. To avoid the cost of going on the web from your
cell phone while you are in Louisiana, you can before your visit download
my picture stories here on mp3-files.

5. Opening speech by the director of Louisiana

Poul Erik Tøjner's speech in Danish.

6. The pictures from the opening in Louisiana

7. The pictures from the opening in ARoS

8. The actual hanging in ARoS

9. Complete catalogue as text and pdf

10. Sandra Ruffin: From advocacy to art far all in Danish

Jyllands-Posten: "Tro, håb og kærlighed" (6 stjerner)

Berlingske Tidende: "Legendariske hjerter" (5 stjerner)

Kristeligt Dagblad: "Holdt i hånden"

Information: "Tro, Holdt og kærlighed"

7. Interviews in Danish

TV: Indslag i DR2 Deadline

TV: Indslag i TV2 Go Morgen

Politiken: Jacob Holdts dagbog fra åbningsugen

Weekendavisen: "Postkort fra helvede"

Berlingske Tidende: "Vagabonden i det fine selskab"

Kristeligt Dagblad: "Den Jacob Holdt, der aldrig blev præst"

Politiken: "Et billede kan ikke fortælle en historie"

Nordjyske: "Vagabond på de bonede gulv"



To exhibition of Arthur Jafa who was inspired by Jacob Holdt



Denne side på dansk

Der er flere emner på den danske side



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